Car Valeting


Here at John Phelan Motor Company we provide a full valeting service. We are equipped with industrial valeting equipment and the latest compounds and polishes on the market. We carry out our valeting work to the highest standards.

Our valeting charges begin from €85, this is fantastic value in view of the complete and comprehensive work carried out.

If you are considering selling your car we can prepare your vehicle for showroom photographs and absolutely add value for your perspective sale.

With our new Ozone service we can eliminate extreme odour's from any vehicle. Initially a 3 kw heater is placed in the car for 15 minutes to heat up the area and open all pores. After this, an Ozone generator is installed for another 15 minutes. Ozone is a natural gas O3 which kills the life-cycle of smells. On completion of this procedure the area is fogged, which consists of a chemical odour masking agent which is used in a smoke machine and fills the area up with a chemical smoke which then absorbs into the area. At the moment we are using 'American Bubblegum'. This is used to cover the smell of the Ozone and is like a general air freshener.

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